Bernadette And Michael Atkinson


clothes from the collection of


Bernadette has been collecting clothes since she was a child. She loved the touch and feel of the garments and admired the skill of the needlewomen who put them together. These are still her reasons for collecting today but she realises that she is the custodian of a valuable piece of social history which should not be hidden away.

She has become a well-known speaker over the past 30 years – especially in the north of England.

Through her talks, workshops and exhibitions audiences are able to observe at close hand the garments which mean so much to her. The collection has been featured in various newspapers and periodicals (see current”Living” magazine) and on several television programmes including “Dales Diary”, “Hart Davis on History”, “Collector’s Lot” and, more recently,”Flog-it!”.

Bernadette has also contributed articles to “Family History Monthly” and manages to work part-time as her village librarian!.

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