Carperby Village Past

Carperby-Upper Wensleydale

If a thirsty soul now arriving at the village requires ” Bass relief,” he can find it at the ” Barley Sheaf” in perfection,-clear, cool, and cheap, and therein drink the local toast :–” Success to the grain returned!”

After looking at the ancient cross, and the Quakers’ handsome modern chapel, the pedestrian turns down through the meadows a mile or so to the celebrated FALLS OF AYSGARTH, more properly Ea-Scarth, or Ay-Scar, the Water Rock. The people in the neighbourhood call it Ay-Scar. Here the full stream of the Yore tumbles over the broken limestone shelves in glorious tumult and confusion.

From Wanderings in Wensleydale by George Harcastle 1864

  • The Barley Sheaf refers to Auntie Ruth’s (Dinsdale) house

Early postcard of Carperby cross

Playtime at the village school

Carperby school children 1957

Carperby School Closing 1962

Carperby WI Ladies 1957

This is Frank Richardsons wedding Photo c.1930 taken outside
what is now Michael and Doreen Masons house.

Cross House without the wedding party

Carperby Girls

I believe this photograph was taken in Carperby. Does anyone know where?

Evelyn Abrahams has identified the house as the South side of Ivy House. Ta very much
Any idea who the people are?

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  1. Playtime on village green I’m wicket keeper and my brother on left of wicket
    This was a day whe n the comedien Wilfred Pickles visited the village . I think that’s why we are wearing jackets
    I’m also 2nd from left front in school photo
    My Father was the gardener for Bear Park house

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