Dales Birds

 Sparrow Hawk January 2012
 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker with young Nuthatches 


Long tailed tits February 2007

As soon as the weather became colder they disappeared.

Male Bullfinch seen in shrubbery opposite Bungalow Town November 2006

Chaffinch with green back? August 2006

this little fellow was spotted in a garden in Woodhall.

There has also been a sighting of a half blackbird half thrush at Bainbridge.

A pair of waxwings sited at Bainbridge in trees to the side of Old Hall January 6th 2006.

Yellow Wagtail seen in a Woodhall garden. 20th October 2005
The Nuthatch is also back after an absence of five years.

Geese and Gander

The geese of Gayle strutting their stuff.

Male Chaffinch

“Who’s a pretty boy then”?

Juvenille Song Thrush
This little thrush was found in our garden and couldn’t fly. We kept our eye on it and our cat for a couple of hours. Fortunately mum returned and the chick was then safe.


Cock of the North

this handsome fellow was spotted just up the hill out of Bainbridge on the Stalling Busk road

Heron at Ballowfield


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