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Turk’s-cap Lily     Lilium superbum

  • Family: Lily (Liliaceae) seen at Askrigg bottoms 
  • Habitat: meadows river banks and woodland
  • Height: 3-7 feet
  • Flower size: 2-1/2 inches across
  • Flowering time: July to September

Aysgarth Station in the spring 2005

Germander Speedwell(Veronica chamaedrys). Keld June 2005

Garsdale Viaduct. Meadow sweet (”Fillipendula ulmaria)July 2005

The dreaded Ragwort (Senecio paludosus)








This plant is not welcome in the farmer’s field.
The plant can get mixed in with the silage (winter feed) and the animals are more likely to eat it. If a horse eats Ragwort it is almost always fatal. It is also poisonous to cows and can kill them. If sheep eat the plants it causes liver damage.

Dog Rose (Rosa Canina). Woodhall July 2005








Rosa Canina – the dog rose got its’ name because the flower blooms when the dog star (Sirius) in the constellation of Canis Major and the sun are both in the sky together.

Monkey Puzzle Tree August 2005








Taken in Stalling Busk churchyard, monkey puzzle bearing fruit.

Photos B. Kershaw brian@kershaw.org


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