Driving In The Dales

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DRIVING IN THE DALES would like to give you the opportunity to experience the peace and tranquility of the Yorkshire Dales in a traditional manor. Ride in a comfortable carriage, pulled by a pair of Dales Ponies. Driving in the Dales allows you to see the panoramic views over the dry stone walls, to witness the wildlife normally frightened away by motorized vehicles, and to really experience the peace and beauty of these fabulous Dales.

DRIVING IN THE DALES uses a pair of traditional Dales Ponies to pull a six seater wagonette.
The ponies are called Molly and Mickey and are both black. Molly is 13 Years old and has pulled a gypsy caravan to Appleby Horse Fair in the past. Mickey is 4 years old and adores his partner Molly. This breed of Pony is traditional to the area, and is renowned for their strength and stamina, enabling them to pull with ease. Dales ponies are also blessed with a kind and docile temperament, whilst still being hardy enough to live outside all year round, even in the fairly harsh winter conditions as found in the Yorkshire Dales. Dales Ponies are now classified under the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as a vulnerable breed.










DALES PONIES working in the winter of 1947.

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The Dales