Film Around Richmondshire

Film Around Richmondshire

The Elite Cinema in Leyburn has, during the past 10 years, re-established cinema going in Richmondshire.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with ‘The Elite’, with the aim of taking a real cinema experience into even the most remote corners of rural Richmondshire.

We want to show movies on a big screen, with superb stereo sound and high quality digital projection, to local groups and communities throughout Richmondshire. We want to give people a chance to enjoy the social setting of cinema, with provision for both locals and visitors. The local environment naturally attracts tourists in their thousands, but evening entertainment is a bit thin on the ground. Regular rural screenings will be a bonus for many visitors.

True, many of us now own home equipment on which to watch films, but nothing beats watching films as they were meant to be seen – on the big screen. And, our screens are big; up to 12 feet wide and 9 feet high.

We envisage shows might also feature short films, to be shown before an interval when refreshments and perhaps a bar may be available. There is an opportunity here for local film-makers, young and old, to have their work shown on the big screen in front of an audience. Please contact us if you have material for showing.

With ‘Film Around Richmondshire’ we intend to offer many the chance, for the first time, to walk to their nearby venue to enjoy a film with other members of the community. Forget about the problems of travel costs and parking, for we will, together with local promoters, be bringing quality entertainment to your local area. Even better, this will be at a very affordable price, providing a superb evening’s entertainment everyone can afford.

Our Aim for ‘Film Around Richmondshire’

  • To establish a network of village halls and other local venues, all promoting cinema for both their local communities and visitors to the area.
  • To provide a high quality local cinema service for the rural and remote parts of Richmondshire. This will help to reduce the reliance on cars for transport to urban areas for entertainment.
  • To offer a wide variety of films (including locally and regionally produced work) throughout Richmondshire, with local communities choosing what they would like to watch.

If you would like ‘Film Around Richmondshire’ to come to your village, or you just want to find out more, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss it with you.

Booking/Further Details

We are very keen to help you bring cinema to your locality. Please contact:

Trevor Boning
Film Around Richmondshire
Middleham Key Centre
Park Lane
North Yorkshire DL8 4RA
Tel: Office – 01969 625142 (To leave a message)
Home – 01677 460442

Film Around Richmondshire

  • Bringing The Big Screen Experience To Rural Richmondshire.

We launched our DVD & video film touring scheme in February 2005 as a year-long pilot scheme, run in partnership with the Elite Cinema, Leyburn. With funding from Screen Yorkshire and Awards For All we’re offering local promoters the chance to book and screen the films of their choice (subject to availability) in their venue. Trevor Boning has joined us to co-ordinate the scheme and we’re recruiting projectionists to take the films out to a wide range of venues. Trevor is busy contacting all the venues in the area arranging the first batch of screenings. He can be contacted on: 01677 460442 or

How It works

Film Around Richmondshire provides and transports the high quality equipment, operates it, books the films, gives advice on programming, helps with publicity and even provides the tickets. Promoters publicise their screenings, sell tickets, provide refreshments and host the event.

We have two sizes of screen – 12ft x 9ft and 8ft x 6ft so it will fit into any venue. With top quality sound and projection kit it brings the cinema experience to local venues.

This is a very exciting initiative, and interest from village halls, schools and church halls is already considerable. It offers a great opportunity to develop existing and new film audiences across the district using the Elite Cinema as the focal point with it’s eclectic programme and loyal support.


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