High Hall Residential Home

High Hall Leyburn

Closed 31st January 2007

Statement of Purpose

Our main aim is to provide accommodation and care services to meet the individual needs of the service users, ensuring these services are of the highest quality and are responsive to their physical, social and emotional needs, focussing on promoting residents independence through enabling them to make their own decisions, fostering their individuality, sustaining family and community contacts and ensuring that they are satisfied with the quality of life and care in the home, enabling residents to live as ‘normal’ a life as possible.

High-Hall is a twenty five place residential care home for frail elderly persons both male and female over sixty five years of age with a range of needs associated with ageing, requiring limited or personal assistance, eg. Strokes, short term memory problems, problems with mobility, continence, sensory impairment.
We do not provide nursing care.

Operations manager of the home
Mrs Diane Stephenson ( DIPMCS, 14 years experience in social care)
High-Hall, Bainbridge, Leybum, North Yorkshire, DL8 3EL
Team Managers
Mrs Pauline Hurley, Mrs Debbie Thompson, Mrs Margaret Metcalfe

Address of provider
Social Services Directorate, County Hall, Northallerton, N.Yorks DL7 8DD

Training & Experience

All staff undertake an extensive programme of in-house training. Care staff within the home are currently undergoing training as laid down by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI).
We are currently working towards a fully qualified workforce (15 of the 19 care staff are qualified to NVQ 2 or above). The majority of our care staff have vast experience of working in a caring environment).

Care Plans

Following an initial assessment on your needs by a Care Manager, an initial Care Plan is prepared for the home prior to your arrival. This forms the basis of all your care needs and advises the home on how best to cater for these needs.

Within a short time following your admission, this Service Plan will be used to help collate further information, with help from you and a relative/carer/representative to develop your in-house Care Plan. This will then determine the level of your cultural, psychological, social and emotional care needs within your new environment.

We are always sensitive to the ever changing individual needs of our Service Users, and therefore review these needs informally on a daily basis and formally each month.


Service Users family and friends are welcome to visit at any time also to maintain regular contact by letter, fax, telephone 01969 650316
Staff will offer assistance where required in an effort to help Service Users maintain this contact.
Visitors are welcome at any time.

Social & Recreational activities

An activity organiser is employed five days per week (Mon-Fri). A programme of activities is displayed on the ground floor notice board detailing the weeks events.


Residents meetings are held every six weeks notice of forth-coming meetings are also displayed on the notice board.

Medical Services

We have a designated G.P who visits the home on a weekly basis, any resident wishing to see the Doctor can do this privately or with a member of staff present. The District Nurse also attends the home as and when required to undertake general medical duties.


Service Users have the right to attend religious services both within and outside of the home and to meet with the clergy of their chosen denomination at any time.


The accommodation consists of 1 double and 23 single bedrooms. Bedrooms are located on all three floors and a passenger lift is available to floors first and second floors. There are 4 communal lounges which provide you with a choice of seating and entertainment depending on your personal preference. Loop Systems are present in all four lounges for those persons with a hearing impairment. Lounge 4 is designated as the smokers lounge as well as the snug which is located off the dining room.

A large communal dining-room is situated on the ground floor over looking the garden, where a choice of menu is served. We cater for a variety of special diets and dietary requirements.

  • Access to and from the first and second floors of the building can be gained through a passenger lift or stairs.
  • Two assisted bathrooms and a Shower room are available, all toilets meet the needs of disabled persons
  • Hairdressing Salon
  • Public telephone
  • Client Shop


Complaints Procedure

If you feel you have cause to complain, you are asked in the first instance to discuss your complaint with the duty Manager. If in your opinion the complaint is serious, or you are not satisfied with the response/outcome you should refer to the complaints procedure on the home’s notice board. A full investigation will be made into your complaint and you will be advised of the result.

If you continue to be dissatisfied further details are available on the notice board to help you be able to contact the National Care Standards Commission or your local Ombudsman.

Fire Procedure

All staff are given formal training twice yearly on action to be take in the event of a fire. Fire fighting equipment is serviced annually, fire notices and exits are strategically placed in the home. The fire alarm system is monitored to ensure the alarm is responded to by the Fire Brigade in an emergency, fire alarms are tested weekly.

Meal times

  • Breakfast 8.30-9.30am Mon-Sun
  • Lunch 12.00-1.00pm Mon-Sun
  • Tea 4-5pm Mon-Sun

Residents and visitors are also welcome to prepare their own drinks and snacks either in the servery or the kitchen located on the first floor or by tea/coffee making facilities in the residents’ own rooms.

Drinks and snacks are also available on request.

Day services

For those people wishing to remain independent in their own homes we also provide day care facilities five days per week for up to five people offering physical and social care with activity organisers Susan Parkinson and Dylis Hodgson.

We operate a day centre twice weekly (Wed and Fri), based at Sycamore Hall (in a new window) offering social and recreational activities. Activity organisers are Angela Kershaw and Liz Allen.

We provide a freshly prepared meals service which operates 7 days per week.

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