Legend Of Semerwater

 A Legend of Semerwater

One day a poor and aged man,
passed through the thriving city
And meekly asked of those he saw
For food and rest in pity.
But all so cold their hearts had grown
with cares and fashions splendid
The homeless passed on alone,
faint,worn and unbefriended.


 Outside the town a cottage stood
The house of shepherd Malcolm
Who took him in and gave him food
And rest and warmth and welcome.



Next morning standing at the door
He looked towards the city
And raised his hand and mumurered o’er
The words of this strange ditty:
Semerwater Rise! Semerwater Sink!
And bury the town all save the house
Where they gave me meat and drink.



 And still when boating on the lake
When sunset clouds are glowing
The roofs and spires may yet be seen
Beneath the blue waves showing,
And as the calm of evening falls
No sound from landward bringing
Soft music heard from hidden bells
Deep ‘neath the waters ringing.

When I was a girl many years ago I remember a poem I loved. It went,deep asleep deep asleep ,deep asleep it lies the still lake of Semawater under the still skys, and many a fathom many a fathom many a fathom below in kings tower and queens bower the fishes come and go.
Does anyone remember it and if so who wrote it thankyou so much? Val Liverpool  

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  1. Hi, yes I remember it well. I recited it in the Scottish Borders music festival in 1953, when I was a young schoolboy. Never forgotten it to this day. It was written by Sir William Watson (1858-1935).

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