Let No Loop Down-Workshop Programme

Let No Loop Down Workshop Programme

The Dales Countryside Museum,

  • Hawes National Park Centre, Station yard, Hawes, North Yorks. DL8 3NT
  • Tel 01969666210

Workshop programme; tutor Ruth Lee

A series of hands on knitting workshops using the museum’s collection of traditional knitting and associated tools as a starting point and linked to Ruth’s current exhibition Let No Loop Down; tutor Ruth Lee

Please bring a range of suitable materials, tools and equipment.
See individual workshop descriptions.

Suitable for all levels of knitters including machine knitting.
You will need to be able to knit and purl stitches and cast on/off.

  • Cost £20 per person per workshop.
  • Please contact the venue for booking and further information or *email Ruth with specific knitting questions relating to the workshops.
  • Email: ruthmlee@hotmail.com

Knitting Workshop 1.

April 25th 2009

Inspired by the traditional gloves and in particular the names and small geometric patterns particular to the Yorkshire Dales the focus of this workshop is to create a series of contemporary hand knitted samples suitable for developing into all manner of neckpieces, boas and scarves.

Knitting Workshop 2.

May 16th 2009

This workshop will focus on knitting modern day samplers suitable for decorative cuffs, hand adornments, muffatees, wristbands and gauntlets which can be worn on their own or in the spirit of recycling and re-using to incorporate into an existing gloves.

You will need yarns to knit with and knitting needles in a range of sizes from small through to chunky. Scissors. Notebook and writing equipment. Optional recycled gloves. A wool winder would be useful but not essential for doubling up ends of yarns to make various weights and thickness to knit with.

Knitting Workshop 3

June 18th 2009

Workshop 3 explores darning techniques onto knitting for added decoration inspired by the museum’s collection of darned stockings. We will be stitching onto samples knitted by yourselves and /or recycled commercially produced knitting.

Yarns to knit with and for decorative darning. Large eyed tapestry or wool sewing needles. Knitting needles. Embroidery hoop of darning mushroom. Scissors. Notebook and writing equipment. Optional recycled knitting to stitch onto.

Ruth Lee 2009

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