Old Photographs Askrigg-Upper Wensleydale

Askrigg Flood 3rd June 1908

Report in Local newspaper
Yesterday and Wednesday Wensleydale was visited with disastrous floods, the town of Askigg being underwater. Scarcely a house escaped, the water in many instances reaching the upper storeys. Several cottages were demolished by a cyclonic downpour of rain from the hills surrounding the town, and three bridges between Askrigg and Aysgarth were washed away. Thousands of acres were flooded, and the damage to cattle, sheep and lambs is estimated at £5000. Coleby Hall Askrigg the residence of Mr. F.D. Acland, M.P. Financial Secretary to the War Office, who is member for the division, was also under water.

Much damage was also done at Nappa Hall. The railway embankment for twenty yards near Askrigg Station was washed away yesterday. A breakdown gang temporarily repaired it and the traffic was partially reopened.

Thousands of rabbits have been drowned, and the damage to growing crops is very heavy. Last evening the water had considerably abated and the river was lower.

W. Crowe stationers newsagents and confectioners1900

The latest news on the billboard states Lords and Licensing threat Mr Lloyd George
They also advertise Frith postcards for sale.

Askrigg 1908

This photograph has been posed for. The driver is not actually driving the car it is chocked underneath.

There is another postcard of the exact same shot minus the car and minus one person at the horse and cart but the same people are sitting on a bench behind the market cross.

S. Banks Family Grocer and Provision Merchant 1900

Noted for Wensleydale cheese, bacon and hams.
We stock all the leading makes of chocolates.

Taken just to the right of the Crown early 1900s

Centre of photograph William Calvert blacksmith and innkeeper
William Calvert, innkeeper and blacksmith given to Owen Metcalfe by Marie Hartley

Askrigg children 1918

Inthis photograph the children are all standing by a large pile of coal.
Further down outside the shop there are three cats and a dog hanging around.

Metcalfe Haulage year unknown

Askrigg Station 1950s

Askrigg early 1900s

The Kings Arms 1900 licencee Joseph Howard

The Kings Arms 1918. There is now a small wooden sign on the wall that reads Garage

Askrigg chapel and village hall early 1950s


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