Richard Shuffleton

Richard Shuffleton, 23, from Sheffield was appointed at the beginning of March.

He graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Sports Development and Coaching, a course including sports science and management, and a study of coaching levels and techniques in various European countries, especially relating to encouraging young people. So he’s ready with ideas for Yorebridge.

Richard played football for Sheffield schoolboys and badminton for Sheffield and England; he coached with Sheffield United (qualified level 2) and also in badminton and basketball. Typical of many Yorkshire families he came with his hiking-parents to the dales and elsewhere and is a holder of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. He is living in Darlington at present and his girl-friend works in Middlesbrough.

After graduation, while working with IISBC, he was involved, voluntarily, for a year in “Mentoring for Sporting Futures”, a joint venture with the Police, aimed at creating safer communities through sport with young people while also developing their social skills.

Although at the moment Yorebridge is being used mainly for football (Askrigg and Hawes F.C. and an over-40s group) and by schools, as spring arrives other activities are being booked: tennis, netball, recreational basketball, and it looks as though cricket mats and nets will be provided. The area is designed so that two activities can proceed at the same time.

Other plans are for a 5-a-side football league, tennis for the over-55s, and a programme of activities for Easter.

Richard’s brief is not limited to the Yorebridge site, but covers all aspects of fitness and sport in the area. His “in”phrases are `Access for all, at all times, for all ages’ and `Healthy body, healthy mind’, as he points out that the facilities can be booked for any time between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm every day. “How about a quick game before work or at lunchtime” he says. Casual changing facilities are available.

Charges for tennis, for example, doubles for an hour, work out at £1.50 per person, the same for 8-a-side football on the whole area, plus a bit more if you need the floodlighting, and a discount for a 5-week block booking. Full details of charges and bookings from 07968 606571, 650060 or e-mail:

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