The Community Office







The Neukin,
Market Place,
North Yorkshire

  • Tel. 01969 667400
  • Tel. 01748 828739
  • The Community Office is not in competition with local businesses, but provides a service for bona fide community use.
  • We are a non-profit making company, limited by guarantee.
  • The Community Office is funded by a time limited programme of grants and must, therefore, establish its own income stream.
  • We Provide
    Display Boards for Posters and Information
  • Information Technology
    We administer a Laptop/Notepad and Printer Loan Scheme for students or Community Groups used locally.



  • Electricity bills
  • Telephone bills
  • Sanctuary Housing rent
  • Television licences

Top up:

  • Electricity Prepayment Keys
  • Mobile phones – Payment cards – BT cards

All calls to advice agencies from the office are free

Upper Wensleydale Community Office

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