The Crown Inn Askrigg-History Of


James Paredes







James Paredes  migrated down from the other Crown Hotel in Hawes. He is only the fourth Landlord of the Crown in the last 100years.


Owen Metcalfe









Owen Metcalfe was the landlord at the crown from when he bought it back in 1979 from Cameron’s brewery, who had themselves owned it since they purchased the pub from Plews Brewery of Leeming Bar in 1924.

Amazingly Owen is only the third licencee at the pub since 1910.

Owen retired from the Crown on April 2nd 2006 and will enjoy his retirement at Bowbridge.


George Halton

George Halton, known locally as ‘Pills’, was the landlord from 1956 until 1979.
When he left school, George went to work at a chemist’s shop at Leyburn making pills but was apparently sacked for giving customers he didn’t like, laxative pills.

John Dixon Daykin known as Dixie Daykin

Butcher and farmer,a long term regular at the Crown. He lived at Elm Hill.


  • WALKER Francis/head/53/M/innkeeper & fish dealer/Yks/Askrigg
  • WALKER Elizabeth/wife/49/M/26/asst/Yks/Muker – 2 children, 2 living
  • WALKER Francis/son/25/S/asst/Yks/Askrigg
  • WALKER Edmund/g.son/1/ Yks/Hawes


  • Johnathan Daykin became landlord in 1910. The Daykins were there until 1956
    Does anyone have a photograph of Johnathan Daykin that I could copy?

Askrigg 1871

The young boy in the photo aged 13 years is Francis Walker helping his father to dry stone wall in Askrigg. This is the Francis that eventually becomes the landlord at the Crown in 1908.

Edmund Walker grandson of Francis was born at the Crown on 17th May 1909 and went on to become a good friend of Pils Halton. He died in 1988 and his ashes were strewn on Askgigg Football pitch at his request.
Edmunds parents were the first people to have a fish and chip shop up Silver Street, (Pudding Lane).

1901 Census Crown Inn

MILLER Thomas/Head/M/32/innkeeper/own acct/at home/Yks/Redmire
MILLER Margaret/wife/M/29/Durham/Shotley Bridge
MILLER George/son/6/Yks/Burnsall
MILLER Mary Ellen/dau/1/Yks/Brompton
MILLER John/brother/S/22/stone mason/worker/Yks/Redmire

Askrigg 1893 showing Crown and smithy

1890 Crown Inn

  • Calvert William blacksmith/victualler

1891 Census Crown Inn

CALVERT William/Head/M/45/blacksmith, innkeeper/Yks/Gunnerside
CALVERT Margaret/wife/M/44/Yks/Gunnerside
CALVERT Margaret A/dau/U/24/Yks/Gunnerside
CALVERT Mary E/dau/U/22/Yks/Gunnerside


Map of the crown in 1854 surrounded by pubs and breweries

The Crown Inn has a proud history, dating back to the late 18th century when a house on this site was converted into an inn known as the Mare Phoenix? Bay Horse?, named after one of John Pratt’s racehorses.

John Pratt on Gimcrack
John Pratt was a wealthy landowner who made his money as a jockey and a breeder of racehorses during the mid-18th century.
He built a large manor house and stables at Askrigg, which are now occupied by the King’s Arms.
The Crown Inn Askrigg was subsequently renamed the Hare and Hounds and by 1840 had become known as the Blacksmith’s Arms, after a blacksmith’s shop which had been built behind the pub, but by 1854 it had been renamed again as the Crown Inn.


Whites Directory Inns and Taverns in Askrigg

  • Blacksmiths Arms James Sagar vict and blacksmith
  • George Inn William Heseltine
  • Kings Arms Adam Hutchinson
  • New Inn James Dinsdale – in 1848 James dies aged 84
  • Red Lion William Heseltine

When Queen Victoria came to the throne the New Inn was renamed the Queens Arms/Head.


Pigot’s directory of professions and trades

  • Hare and Hounds Askrigg James Metcalfe
  • George & Dragon, James Blenkiron
  • King’s Arms (& excise office) Elizabeth Woodward
  • New Inn, James Dinsdale
  • Red Lion, William Haseltine
  • Miners’ Arms, Jno. Knowles, Woodhall


Inns, Taverns & Public Houses, in Askrigg 1829

  • Hare & Hounds, Elizabeth Woodward.

By 1834 Elizabeth Woodward had become licensee of the Kings Arms Askrigg.

  • George & Dragon, James Hunter
  • King’s Arms, John Whitton
  • New Inn, James Dinsdale
  • Red Lion, John Thwaites
  • Miners’ Arms, John Knowles, Woodhall


Bains Directory Inns, Taverns & Public Houses, in Askrigg 1823

  • Bay Horse Elizabeth Halton
  • George and Dragon Mathew Thompson
  • Kings Arms John Whitton
  • New Inn James Dinsdale
  • Red Lion John Thwaites (slater)
  • Miners Arms Woodhall Francis Sayer Victualler and Butcher

Note the set of photographs and text on the wall dating from 1900 of William Calvert, innkeeper and blacksmith by Marie Hartley See below:

Centre of photograph William Calvert blacksmith and innkeeper

Anonymous 10-Jun-2010 #1535
I understand that Pudding Lane changed to Silver Street for Queen Victoria'a Silver Jubilee. Can anyone confirm?
Many thanks. J. Rees ( 14-May-2010 #1530
Hi - My name is Anji Barrett and I have just read the comment from Ian. Ian is my cousin and sorry to differ Ian but I hold the title for last Walker to be born to Askrigg! - Ted Walker was the eldest child of Francis & Doris (7 boys and 1 girl) - I am his eldest daughter. We have just returned from a family reunion last weekend (8th May) in the very house up Silver St of our ancestors. I have many photos - one of my father as a babe in arms outside the door of the Crown. He was actually born in the Crown and lived there with his grandparents Born 17.5.1909. I also have pictures of the Old Hall whilst it was actually burning. I am looking for info on a photo I have probably c1911 of a large man holding my dad and it says Ted with great Uncle Sander on the back. The man looks as if he is on the picture up in the Crown now of the blcksmiths. Anyone wishing to contact or see the photos please use mail address here. Many thanks anji :) 04-Feb-2009 #1503
I am fascinated by this website, as my gt grandfather's name was William Calvert. He married a widow named Susannah Forrester who had a pub and a cafe in Settle Yorkshire named the Naked Man. I wonder if there is any connection?My grandfather, also William Calvert, had the chemist shop in Settle and before that in Slaithwaite.
Would be interested if anyone has any further information.

Very interesting website. Thank you. 19-Mar-2007 #35
Contributed 19-Mar-2007
I write to correct a name (Richard Walker). My Great Grandfather’s name was Francis (born 1858), as was his father (baptised 15th March 1819) – we actually have a photo of them both in the family.
 My Uncle Edmund (Ted) died in 1988 and was cremated in Keighley, West Yorks. His ashes were strewn on Askgigg Football pitch at his request.
His (all younger) brothers were Frank, Alec, Jack (AKA Mickey) Chris (my father), Jim and Robert all died before him.There was also a sister (Doris) who married Dick Thistlethaite, a builder from Bellerby/Leyburn.
I well remember staying with Granny at Askrigg, were you also aware that Silver Street was previously known as “Pudding Lane”, but Granny said she hated that name and her idea of “Silver Street” was accepted by all others.
My Grandfather is in the 1901 census as living at 8 High Street, Askrigg.
I was the last Walker born in Askrigg (July 1942).
My Mother, Tess,now aged 93 may have some more information that may be of use.

Ian Walker
1-38a Wright Street, Ridleyton, South Australia 5008 


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