The Queens Jubilee Sycamore Close

The Queens Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

8a.m. Start of a long day

Photos of the Queens Coronation and Silver Jubilee

Toys of the times

50s Books and Boards



Mrs. Hodgson

Dolly the sheep made for a competition

Mrs. Pounder

Magaret and Mary

Mary and Freda


Good Pals!


Liz in kitchen busy as usual


Spread fit for a queen

Iced in a hurry!


Keep going Liz

“What was the question?”

“We don’t understand the questions.”

Christine and company

Amy with the gang.

“It’s not a bad do this is it”

“Why is my flag so small?”

“Because I’ve got the big one”

“Oh! no you haven’t, I have.”

3.30pm Time to go Home

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