The Rood Screen And Stall-St Andrews Aysgarth

The elaborately tooled Rood Screen and vicar’s stall was the work of the Ripon School of Carvers c. 1506.

The Rood Screen and the finely carved bench ends on the vicar’s stall bearing the ‘Rebus’ of William de Heslington,
Abbot from 1472,came from Jervaulx Abbey in 1536 at the dissoulution of the monasteries by Henry VIII.
The rood screen was carried from Jervaulx in its undivided state on the shoulders of twenty men.

The Reredos of Caen Stone adorned with a representation of The Last Supper,”
after Leonardo da Vinci, was given in the year 1887 by the daughters
of the late H. T. Robinson of Edgley, and The Cliff, Leyburn.

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