The Vacation Orchestra Ensemble 2005

The Vacation Orchestra Ensemble


Friday September 2nd at 7.30pm

Take a violin, and then another, add a viola, cello and double bass, blend with basoon, horn and clarinet, combine with a composer who died at the tragically young age of 31yrs and what do you have?
Schubert’s Octet D803, one of the greatest challenges of the chamber music repertoire.

This will be the main piece to be played by an ensemble from the Vacation Orchestra with final year and postgraduate students of the Royal and the Northern Royal College of Music.

Mozart’s “Dissonance String Quartet” and Richard Strauss’s “Till Eulenspiegel” arranged for quintet make up the rest of the programme.

Information supplied by The Upper Wensleydale Newsletter, written by Barry Nicholls.

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