Warnford Cottage Thoralby – now Warnford Court
The Rookery-Bishopdale – now demolished

The green in Thoralby 1890s

Thoralby early 1900s

The Silver Chain

In Heaning Gill, a wooded glen close to Thoralby, there is a series of cascades known as the ‘Silver Chain’, which are extremely charming as they wind their way through rock and wood to the valley below.

Sadly the Silver Chain has lost its charm through neglect and overgrowth. Some very elderly locals still talk about the ‘Silver Chain’ that they used to walk by when they were children.

The Silver Chain 1910

The post arriving at The George Inn Thoralby 1926-31

If anyone can identify the landlord please could you add a comment at foot of page.
The postmaster walks with a stick and looks quite elderly. Do you know who he was.

“Postmaster is Frank Rider” Rosie Heseltine

Originally there was another licenced inn in Thoralby called The Loyal Dales Volunteers. It had an inscription over the door. J. and R.W. 1811.
1823 A Mr. John Heseltine is listed as victualler and his job specification is Volunteer.

Martin (misc_mcd-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) 01-Jun-2008 #1420
My wife and me visited Thoralby yesterday and were intrigued by the inscription on one of the lintels near the pub. It looks like runic writing (late, I'm guessing, though I'm no expert) isa and a backwards lagu then a 4 a colon and the letters MS. On either side is a wheel symbol.
Can anyone give me some insight into this?
Many thanks
Martin 19-Dec-2006 #28
Many thanks Clive. Every bit of info helps.
Angela Kershaw. 04-Dec-2006 #26
Hi. The picture of the George Inn at Thoralby is a Smithson card and is hand captioned which generally indicates the card dates from his time at Craven House, West Burton, some time after 1926 and probably no later than 1931.
Clive Torrens 11-Oct-2005 #8
I think the postmaster is Alfred Lambert, but the quality of the image is not good enough to be sure. If you e-mail me a copy of it, I might be able to confirm his identity.Penny Ellis

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