Wood Hall

Wood Hall

Wood Hall taken in the early 1900s

A well known character and staunch Conservative lady Mrs Esther Blumer lived here from around 1912 to 1972.
The hall was demolished in the early 1970s as the building was deemed to be unsafe.

A drawing of Wood Hall in 1953

This drawing was made into a Christmas card and sent to Esther Blumer from Fred Lawson in 1953.

The coach house at the entrance to Wood Hall

This building has now been converted into a house.

Ornamental Lake frozen in winter 1920

Lakeside walk and wooden bridge over the lake

Photo is of Mr and Mrs Blumer her father and an unidentified man.

Stone entrance arch to Woodhall Park before accidental demolition by a removal van in 1930 approx.

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  1. My great aunt lived in Woodhall for many years from about 1920 until about 1960, and was friendly with Mrs Blumer. I have a photo of myself as a six year old with my dad , my great aunt and Mrs Blumer during a holiday and a visit to Semer Water in 1953. If you are interested, drop me an email, and I will send the photo and some more details, Thanks, David

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