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  • The new Multi-Use Games Area has now been officially opened.
  • The facility is based at Yorebridge, Askrigg.
    Sports available include:
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Recreational Basketball
  • If you would like to hire the court or would like further details on this exciting new development, Contact:Tel/Fax: 01969 650060 mobile 07968 606571 or email *info@yorebridge-sport.co.uk

For immediate bookings of the MUGA on a weekend, please contact James/ Angela Peacock on 01969 650212, Dominic Gregson on 01969 650285 or Lawrence Alderson on 01969 650699.


Participation at the MUGA is really starting to take off, with over 100 participants accessing the facility each week. There are organised activities for every individual and if these don’t take your fancy then there is the added bonus of hiring the facilities for your own pleasure (£6.00 half court, £12.00 full court).

There are still places available for the Secondary Children on the `YSF Football Academy’ and ‘YSF Inter-Cricket Kwik’ sessions.

We are planning a ‘YSF Netball Coaching’ session in July, please call for details and booking forms. We are also developing the timetable of events for the Summer Holiday Programme.

The Adult Tennis Clubs at Yorebridge have started successfully with 12 participants turning up for the first Monday evening session, along with numerous other people expressing an interest.

The ‘Over 55’s Tennis’ on a Thursday morning, is due to commence at the end of June. Places are still available for both sessions, it is not too late to get involved, both clubs are looking for new members.

We also want to establish a Circuit Training Class, which aims to improve all round fitness. Participants work at their own pace, pushing themselves to their own limits and reaching their own personal goals. This means that anyone can attend these classes regardless of, age, gender, fitness level, or ability. This is the perfect opportunity to get involved in physical exercise. A free taster session is being organised for the start of July, so please call for further details.

The YSDA are on the look out for anyone who is interested in offering their services. This may be working at one of the coaching sessions (as an assistant) or acting as a referee at a weekly football tournament.

For further information on this and YSDA events please contact Richard Shuffleton (Sport & Fitness Development Co-ordinator) on 01969 650060 or 07968 606571.

Alternatively email: info@yorebridge-sport.co.uk.

For immediate bookings of the MUGA on a weekend, please contact James/ Angela Peacock on 01969 650212, Dominic Gregson on 01969 650285 or Lawrence Alderson on 01969 650699.

Rural Learning

In partnership with the Yorebridge Sports Development Association, Craven College can now offer ‘’Sports Training Qualifications’’ at the Wensleydale Centre in Askrigg for the forthcoming academic year.

These qualifications will include,

  • Certificate in Sports Development
  • Certificate in Exercise Studies
  • YMCA Assistant Fitness Instructors Course (Level 1 )
  • YMCA Fitness Instructors Course (Level 2).

For more information on these courses including dates and prices, and the many other courses that are held at Askrigg, please contact Colin Bailey on 01969 650060 or email colin@cravencollege.ac.uk

The new pitch is built, the lines are sprayed, it looks ready to be played on but the gates are locked shut! Why?

Well there are two reasons for this:

  • It may look finished but there are still the last finishing touches that need to be done by the contractor before they can hand over the court for us to use.
  • It will always be locked because the facility has to be run properly and cannot just be open access like the old tennis courts used to be.

We really hope that as soon as the calendar turns to September 1st we will have the court and be able to start taking our first bookings and once again people can be seen playing sport all year round at Yorebridge.
The new courts can be booked either as one whole or as two separate playing areas for 5-a-side and 8-a-side football, netball, tennis and basket ball and similar sports activities.

The project has been led in recent years by Yvonne Peacock but has been the result of hours of hard work by many members in the community, some of whom have now moved from the area but the common goal was the same – to provide better sporting facilities for those who live and work in the area.

This is just one of the major phases in the Associations vision for bringing improved facilities to the Yorebridge Site. The Project is more than just building a new set of courts and aims to reach all ages from toddlers to those who think they are too old to be able to benefit from playing on the courts, offering advice on healthy eating and lifestyles, loan of equipment for trying new sports, heart rate monitors, and cycling equipment to improve safety on our roads and support for those who wish to train as coaches and other fitness related activities or work as volunteers in the community.

The group have appointed a Sports Development Co-ordinator to oversee the continuing success of the facility and the project.
Paul Price is based at the Wensleydale Centre, Askrigg and will be more than happy to answer any queries and provide more information or come and talk to individuals and groups about their needs or the work of the YSDA.

It has been a long and hard project for all involved but they can finally see the end result and I am sure their hard work will benefit many individuals for years to come.

Colin Bailey

Official Opening

  • Saturday October 8th 2005
  • from 5pm to 7pm
  • firework display
  • Refreshments available
  • music and floodlights will be switched on

Guest of honour: Councillor James Scarr.

There will be five-a-side football between local schools from 4pm.


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