Yorkshire Dales National Park Building Progress

The new National Park Offices at Bainbridge

January 2006

Back Views

View of underground rooms

The dome now practically finished

The roof ready for the grass


The curious dome!

The dome in situ.

Plenty of light.

But the building blends in well.

September 10th

The Main Entrance

The dome on the top of the conference centre which has been built partly underground is a lighting and ventilation shaft.
The roof of the conference centre is to be grassed over to minimise the visual impact on the landscape. There will be no pedestrian access on to the grass roof.

A tree planting scheme is planned for the Hawes side of the development to screen the car park from view.

August 29th 2005

The roof has now been completely slated

Windows are also finished on the main building.

July 22nd

The view taken as you come down the hill into Bainbridge.

At the back which will be the main entrance.

Slating the roof.

July 8th

June 27th

This photo was taken from inside the building with the curiosity on the top.
Most of this building looks as if it will be underground.

This is taken at the front of the main building.

June 18th

I think this building is being built to last. You could stand an elephant on these roof trusses.

June 1st

The roof of this building is to be grassed over.

Still don’t know what this is for but I will find out as soon as I have spare minute.

May 11th

curiouser and curiouser!

A very curious construction.

Viewed from the road to Hawes just before the Vets.

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