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Red Squirrels in Wensleydale

Red Squirrel seen at Woodhall-Askrigg (Diary) see below

Wow!  It is 17.55 pm on Tuesday 31st July 2012. Have just seen our very first red squirrel at Woodhall just 3 miles from Aysgarth. White chest and cream bushy tail. Astonishing!
Back on Thursday 2nd August at 6pm Arrived again Friday 3rd August at 5.50pm Saturday arrived early 16.30 just prior to a torrential storm. Came back at 17.50 and stayed 10 mins.

Sunday and Monday we did not see it. We may have been watching the Olympics.
Tuesday evening August 7th arrived at 17.15 and stayed for about 20 mins.

Wednesday 8th August arrived at 9.30 am. This is the first morning visit.

The squirrel is now a regular visitor at least twice a day a.m. and p.m.