Aysgarth Village Past

Aysgarth Bridge Yorkshire

July 1774






Although this bridge can scarcely boast a sufficient age to claim a place in this work, its erection being so late as the year 1539, as appears by a stone tablet on it bearing that date; yet the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding scene, the foaming cascade seen beneath its arch, the venerable mantle of ivy, and the shrubs and trees with which it is shaded and adorned, all join to compensate for its want of antiquity. Besides, it must be allowed that considering the time when it was built, and the remote place where situated, it is by no means a contemptible performance; being a large segment of a circle, rising near thirty-two feet, and spanning seventy-one, and has in general an appearance of lightness, that would not discredit the work of a modern artist. At present it is a little out of repair; the parapet being cracked, and in one place near falling. A small distance below it is a grand waterfall, called Aysgarth Force.

From the antiquities of England and Wales

Aysgarth Church 1900 by J B Smithson

The Aysgarth “Pin Up Girls”. circa 1950

Sitting outside Aysgarth village institute. Grace Cockburn, Mrs. Dickinson, Mrs. McGregor, Maggie Watson!

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