Hawes Old Photographs

Town Head late 1800s

To the editor of the Wensleydale Advertiser 1848

Sir, allow a travelling bachelor to address through the medium of your publication a few thoughts that have crossed his mind as a perfect stranger to your lovely valley in passing through what I had been informed to be the capital of Wensleydale, Hawes.

The first picturesque scene which presents itself to the eye of the tourist as he descends into Hawes from the Settle road, is a combination of ashes, sawdust, carpenters refuse and other disagreeables thrown together in a most heterogeneous manner, on the slope of a piece of ground on the right hand side of the road, which nature has evidently formed for purposes of beauty and utility, and little trouble might be required to make what the inhabitants have turned into a place pregnant with disease, a healthy, ornamental and profitable property.

Town Head Hawes late 1940s

On the opposite side of the road my attention was arrested by huge masses of timber and broken down carts, wheelbarrows, red cradles, and almost every description of remblements not even omitting an old railway truck, of the smallest construction, encroaching considerably on the road. In the midst of all this medley of stuff might be seen (suspended in mid air) the tattered fragments of some unmentionable portions of male and female attire thrown over an old knotted cord supported from the end of the shafts of one or more fragile up reared carts. Poor man, it is a pity that he would not put his wife a decent clothes post down.

After passing sundry heaps of ashes and manure thrown up in indescribable confusion on all sides, (bye the bye why is the surveyor of the highways not taught his duty) I arrived opposite a smiths forge where not content within the inner precincts of his blackened hole, to follow his volcanic operations, a large circular turf fire was in full blaze on the highway in front. The smoke was intolerable and in my anxiety to get my horse safely past it I had almost been thrown to the ground, but I need not have dreaded the fall as I should have dropped where there was accumulated a tolerable supply of mud and other congregated filth, to relieve the hardness of the original road.

Blacksmiths 1940 Outside Wards the plumbers Townhead

My further description of Hawes must be rather more brief but my first impression after I got clear of the above adventure, was that I had arrived at some huge emporium or bedding mart, where quantities of new and second hand beds and bedding were promiscuously exposed for sale. Here I saw the well stuffed and downy bed of the rich and envied man, next to the humble mattress of the pauper, or yet still more humble the chaff bed. Then rose to my view numberless quantities of pillows, quilts, chair bottoms and other domestic requirements bundled out in the most approved order of sale according to the Jewish fashion in Monmouth Street.

Proceeding carefully to avoid pigs and unwatched (I may say unwashed) children, I arrived in the neighbourhood of the inn, but before I could bring my horse to a perfect stand I had another difficulty to encounter, the array of beds exposed for view, was not congenial with his notions of decency, and face them he would not. After a protracted struggle with him, I succeeded, but it was only to make him bolt. Off he went and carried me with a rapidity which convinced me of the necessity of using all my energies to remain on my seat. I could not therefore stop to note further the beauties of your interesting town, but I recollect perfectly, after passing over a bridge, nearly riding over a blacksmith with two pails in his hands, but thanks to the intolerable stench which caused my horse to swerve, his life and my own in all probability were saved.

Here I am at Middleham, this fifth day of May 1848 all safe and sound.

  • PS I’ll never come into your synagogue again.

Market Day Hawes pre 1900

Market Day at Hawes early 1900s

Market Day early 1950s

Hawes market place 1956

Kettlewells Garage for motor cycles and cars

Charles and Laura Iveson outside Iveson’s Ironmongers

Mason’s Queens Hotel Townfoot 1912

The outbuildings/stables for the hotel are now where the artists’ shop is. Where the post office is today in this photgraph it has a wing built out at the front.

See close up

Town End Hawes circa 1915

This photo shows the printers Lodge Bros or Looes Bros. The road is dirt with a cobbled gulley drain.

Town End Hawes Same shop different time.

At this time the shop is selling vacuum cleaners, radios, records,valves and there is a large sign in the window which reads Murphy.

C. Milner bridge street Hawes

Silk Mercer Family Draper and Outfitter.
Our stock of general drapery goods is large, well assorted and reliable and will compare favourably with any house in the trade.
Dresses, jackets,Mantles, Furs, Corsets, Gloves, Hosiery etc, etc. Underclothing, Calicoes, Flannels,Sheetings linens. Millinery, Ready made clothing, Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloths, Cocoa-mattings, etc.
All our goods are received direct from the manufacturers and are charged at lowest possible prices consistent with good quality.

Richard Grainger The Central Boot Store Hawes pre 1900

Agent for the “K” Boots and Shoes, “The Royal Golf Boots”, “The New Era” “The Faultless”.
Several other well-known brands kept in stock.
The largest stock of footwear in Wensleydale.

  • Boots from 1/6 to £1 7 6 per pair. Repairs.
  • Established over 100 years. Inspection invited.

M.D.Grainger Bootmaker

New bridge at Hawes

Hawes Station 1933 bocked by snow

Hawes Station 1956

Hawes Junction Cottages

T Hiscock printers upstairs below Metcalfe grocer and fruiterer

Metcalfe’s Tours 1949ish

See the Dales in comfort.Private saloon coaches. Tours arranged for your convenience. Tel. Hawes 238

Burn House early 1900s

The mill on the bridge in Hawes

Hawes Day School 1905

FE Platt Babies outfitters ‘The Holme’

The Black Bull Inn Market Place Licensee George Fawcett

Hawes market place near Allens

The large shop is a haberdashery and grocer.The board says Foster and Sons. Other signs by the group of people read, Fenwicks dyeworks, the dye works and Dyers of Perth. A little futher down there is a liptons tea sign.

The White Hart

Taken when John Blenkinsop was the proprieter.

Train Crash at Hawes Junction December 24th 1910

Beech House with proprieter Miss Mary Buck

This house was used as a boarding house for summer visitors.

The Wensleydale Dairy circa 1913

Sole Maker: E Chapman, the Wensleydale Dairy Hawes for the cream of all cheeses.
Sizes and prices on application. Trade only supplied. Also Stilton shaped and flats. Tel. Hawes No. 4

The mill on the bridge in Hawes

The sign now says “Wensleydale Cheese products Hawes Ltd”

Spring Bank Hawes above the playground

Novenber 1848

The fifth of November this day falling on Sunday the celebration took place on the following evening. About 8 o’clock 26 tar barrels were lighted and mounted upon the heads of as many young men who paraded Hawes in procession accompanied by the band playing the merry air of here the conquering hero comes. The fire was then ignighted and was still burning brilliantly after we rose this morning. All passsed off very quietly and we do not remember witnessing a grandior illumination for a great number of years. A balloon was also set off which traversed several miles in an easterly direction. A little boy got scorched from some spirits falling from the sponge whilst the ballooon was in the act of ascending but not seriously.

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