Housing 21

Housing 21 is a not-for-profit specialist in older peoples services

Our Mission is to promote independence and choice for older people through quality housing, care and support.

Our Vision is to provide a ‘Home for Life’ to those older people who wish it, whether in their own home or in one of our many Courts throughout England in which, and from which, we provide our services.

Housing 21 is a charitable, industrial and provident society


We used to be called the Royal British Legion Housing Association, we’ve been in existence since 1965 so we have a long history of working with older people.

We are a non profit making organisation and a registered Housing Association with charitable status so any surplus we make is always used purely to improve our properties and services.

We changed our name in 1992 to avoid confusion although we still have strong links with the Legion as well as other service organisations. However, we now offer homes to older people irrespective of whether they have a service background.

We have over 370 Sheltered Courts right across England with more than 14,000 homes for rent and we’re growing every day!!!

Since 1995, Housing 21 has been offering a range of Care and support services and we have developed many Extra Care Schemes just like the one here in Bainbridge. We are now the 6th largest care provider in the Country.

Every one of our Courts (or Schemes) has a Court Manager, it is their duty to make sure the building is kept up to standard, reporting repairs and dealing with any queries or concerns our tenants may have. When the Court Manager is off duty, we have an excellent `back up’ care call service. Rest assured, you’re always in safe hands.

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