JB Smithson

J.B. Smithson famous Dales Victorian/Edwardian photographer

This is J B Smithson well known Journalist and Photographer from the Yorkshire Dales.
Taken about 1916.

Advertising card pre 1898

It says J.B.Smithson Artist and Photographer, Haydon Bridge on Tyne.

J B Smithson with his second wife Martha

J.B. had two photographic studios in Leyburn, one in Hawes and several others in and around the Yorkshire Dales including one at Freeholders Wood at Aysgarth.

Does anyone out there recognise this view

any information please e-mail to angela@kershaw.org

After he retired to West Burton J.B. and Mr Horace Brook from West Burton had a studio in JB’s back yard.

J.B. continued with his love of photography up until his death at the age of 90 in 1938.

JB Smithson and dog outside of back nook in his Jowett.

The Picture of JB with his Jowett shows a 7Hp Short 2 manufactured between 1919 and 1930. This one did not have the dickey seat. There are a small number of these vehicles left. They were built at Idle in Bradford and were the mainstay of the company during those years
Info from Alistair

A modern day photograph of the building (back nook) in which JB had his final photographic studio.

The photograph advertises JB at the Wensleydale studio, Leyburn. Letters to Craven House West Burton.

Five Wise Men

  • Ah! Those were the days 1928.

From left to right. J.B.Smithson. Frank Ryder. Kitty Routh. Edward Johnson.

  • I need an identity for the last gentleman on the bench

J.B. Smithsons’ House

The house on the right with the bay windows is Craven House where Mr Smithson used to live.

This picture has changed very little but the strange shaped tree on the left is no longer there.

Aysgarth Falls July 1927

The Smithson family and friends out for a paddle on a summers afternoon.

Freeholders Wood July 1927

Smithson family picnicing in Freeholders Wood Aysgarth.

Craven House July 1927

Some of JBs family taken outside his house while visiting in July 1927. “I think the pony is a dales pony.” James Smithson (b. 1888) daughters

John Brown Smithson and his Daughter Hilda Hogg (Smithson)

Out for a spin. What a fantastic way to travel

This is a BSA motorbike and sidecar but I don’t know the model. The registration is AJ 2685.

The sidecar lighting is by an acetylene lamp.This worked on the principle of oxy-acetylene gas being generated when water is dripped on to the acetylene powder.The gas produced a very bright light.

ANGELA and BRIAN KERSHAW’s Motor bike AND SIDECAR. Late 1970s

This photograph brings back memories of my early married life.

This bike did thousands of miles to and from the Yorkshire Dales until our children became too old to fit in the sidecar.

Our motorbike and sidecar was a 650 BSA Golden Flash. Happy days.

Contributed Comments
JB Smithson

angela@kershaw.org 23-Sep-2008
dear Angela
Thank you so much for all your fantastic information. I will update the pages accordingly.
Any photos you may have would be great to copy.
The site is a labour of love for me. I don't come from Wensleydale but I have lived here for 20 years and I am facinated by the people who lived here.
Regards Angela

Angela Allan 22-Sep-2008 #1440
I am also the great-granddaughter of J B Smithson. My father (Gordon Smithson) was the son of Norman Smithson (son of JB) and Alice Maud. Norman is pictured on the far left of the 'River at Aysgarth' and 'Picnicking' pictures and is holding the rein of the pony with two girls on it. Norman was the son of J B and Martha Mary (nee Apedale), his second wife. My father Gordon died in January 2005 but my mother Alma has many photographs of the family, many including J B. I believe I saw a photograph of all the family in the doorway of Craven House with JB and his birthday cake - possibly his 80th? I will hunt it out and try to send a copy. It is a possibility that the photographs of all the family together are for his 80th birthday party. Several years ago Clive Torrens came to visit my parents as he's a great J B Smithson historian, and my father was able to give him quite a bit of information. Although we now live in Suffolk, I can remember some family from Canada visiting us in the 1970s when we lived in Wales - possibly your previous correspondents? I have a brother, Nigel who has three daughters and now a two-year-old son to pass on the name to. Best wishes, Mrs Angela Allan

Susan Stobart sstobart@lawtonpartners.ca 29-Aug-2007
JB Smithson was my great-grandfather. You recently got an email from my aunt - Rita Oland. She and my mother are sisters and are JB's granddaughters. If I could get an email address for you, I have a lovely picture you may not have. Its of JB, Martha (his 2nd wife), my mother (at age 2) and my grandmother (JB's daughter) in his car in front of the Wensleydale Hotel. I'd be happy to email it to you if you'd like to see it. In the picture my aunt corrected you on as being my grandmother in the sidecar of the motorcycle and not his wife, my grandmother appears to be wearing the same outfit in my picture - so the picture was probably taken on the same day. My grandmother never got back to England after that visit and was the only time she was able to return to England after she emigrated to Canada. It would have been taken in 1924/1925.You mentioned to my aunt that you have pictures that you wondered if she might be able to help you identify people in. Another person who might help in that regard is another of JB’s great-grandchildren – Anita Cooper of Bedale (Yorkshire). Her mother was JB’s granddaughter and I’ve learned a lot about JB over the years through Anita. In fact, when I’ve been visiting to Yorkshire, Anita took me to see JB’s grave, the church in Leyburn that he belonged to, Wensleydale Hotel, Craven House, and other places. She’s quite knowledgable and interested. Her phone number is 441-677423237 in Bedale.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at your site. Let me know if you would like me to send you the photo I’ve mentioned above.
Susan Stobart

angela@kershaw.org 26-Aug-2007
Hi there Rita,
I would love it if you got in touch with me regards your grandfather JB etc. I have other pictures that you may be able to identify and be able to confirm some information for me

Rita Oland / ritaoland@shaw ca 20-Aug-2007
I am the grandaughter of J.B Smithson.
The woman in the motorcycle sidecar is my mother Hilda Hogg {Smithson}.
Te daughter of J.B.Smithson.
This a wonderful Website. Thank you for compiling it.
Rita Oland
Last updated:Tue, 23 Sep 2008

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