Mary Johnson

(Passed away Friday 9th March 2007)

Hello there. If you don’t already know me
I’m Mary Johnson From Hawes in Upper Wensleydale, although I’m a Scot by birth.
I am almost the longest serving member of our Day Centre here at Sycamore Close.

Before I retired I was the cook at Hawes primary school for forty years.

Christmas Tea in the Domestic Science Room at Hawes
“This was typical of Christmas Parties at Hawes school when I worked there.”

  • The staff are Miss Dorothy Bell, Mrs. Mary Johnson and Mr. J. Steels.
  • Among the pupils are Norma Johnson, Eileen Richmond, Margaret Johnson, Irene Whitehead, Elvier Marlein, Myra Iveson, Margaret Moore, Cecil Moore, Peter Middleton, John Whaley, John Moore, Brenda Richardson, William Pratt, Ann Welsh, Veronic Whitehead, Phyllis Richardson, Valerie Taylor, Alan Iveson, Nathan Metcalfe, Dennis Cloughton and Keith Weatherald.

At present I am actively involved in writing recipes for our newsletter, A Leaf from Sycamore.
Click on Recipes.

Eggless Flan

This recipe used to be a great favourite with the children at school. It was economical to make but very nutritious. Who would have thought I would still be making it for people 25 years after I retired.

And don’t think I stopped cooking when I retired.
Down in Bainbridge DC I am often called upon to give my culinary advice.
Or just told to get on with it!!!

Still working. We pot up pansies for sale and then we sell them at a very reasonable price as we don’t have to pay for the labour.

as you can see we do get time off for good behaviour.
This was a lovely day out at Hawkshead in the lake district.

William and Mary

This is me getting to meet William Hague because I was last off the bus.
He came to officiate at the inauguration of our new mini-bus.

This is me a few years ago at the Hawes Gala
dressed as Captain Mannering from Dad’s Army.
The uniform (which was borrowed) came from the army garrison at Catterick.


This is me teaching an old dog new tricks

“Now you see Margaret it’s all in the way you pour the sauce.”

“I haven’t lost my touch”

The finished flan that we had with our afternoon cup of tea.

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