Bainbridge In Wensleydale

 Bainbridge is a medium sized village situated in Upper Wensleydale between Askrigg and Hawes. It is built largely around a split level village green. Its name is derived from bridge over the river Bain. The word Bain is a corruption of beinn meaning straight. The bridge would have replaced an earlier ford.


The skyline to the south is dominated by the two imposing peaks of Addleborough and Wether fell. Nestled between these peaks the glacial Lake of Semerwater spills over into the River Ure via the shortest river in Yorkshire, the river Bain being only two miles long.

To the East of the village is Brough hill the site of a Roman fort. Many roads reputed to be Roman, intersect at the location of the fort. One of these, (shown on the 14th century Gough map), approaches from Richmond, coming down Scarth Nick at Redmire and leaving over Wether fell. This same route was roughly followed many centuries later by the turnpike road.
A map of 1856 shows there were two inns in Bainbridge, The Rose and Crown and the White Lion inn.
The White Lion inn was situated past the butchers, over the bridge and somewhere on the right after the petrol station. The victualler was Ann Stockdale.

Bainbridge has a butchers, a village shop and restaurant located in SycamoreHall, a garage and a tea room.
The Rose and Crown is a thriving country hotel and restaurant looking down the village green.
Opposite the Rose and Crown is the Quaker Meeting House and burial ground built in 1836. Today there is a newly converted barn adjoining the meeting house.

The village green has belonged to the people of Bainbridge since 1663 when they acquired the manorial rights. They still have Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge.

The village green is a well used facility supporting a children’s playground and the stocks for the unruly.

The travelling folk on their way to Appleby horse fair camp overnight each year and graze their horses. The Romany caravans make a very colourful sight.

Beamish car rally, Bainbridge sports and fancy dress and many other activities take place on the green.
There is a new National Parks Authority Office at the far end of Bainbridge just before the road turns to go up the hill to Countersett. One of the exciting things about this project is its use of geothermal energy.

Bainbridge village green 1989 Beamish car rally

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